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Bamboo Bali Massage

Learn in one course, two wonderful traditional massage techniques that complement each other in a deep and delicate sequence, the Balinese Massage and the Bamboo Cane Massage.

cursos de masaje balinés
masaje con bambú
bamboo massage

Although associated with the spa world for its relaxing and aesthetic effects, the Bamboo Cane Massage is also incredibly effective in sports and therapeutic treatments. The subtlety of the Balinese Massage movements combined with the softness and strength of the bamboo stalks, and the aroma of the floral oils, make this massage a unique wellness experience.

Course syllabus

· Balinese and Bamboo Massage techniques and influences
· Types of bamboo canes and their applications
· Marma points and energy channels
· Preparation of oils for treatments
· Bamboo oil and its properties
· Benefits, precautions and contraindications
· Protocol for a massage session
· Bamboo Bali Massage sequence: prone position
· Bamboo Bali Massage sequence: supine position

Wellness environment
Study of the use of the senses, details and materials necessary to enhance the patient experience.

Body Mechanics of the Masseur
You will learn how to use our body weight to relax, feel and enjoy the massage.

Mindful Touch
To understand massage not only as a technique but also as a conscious, respectful and loving contact.

At the end of the course you will be able to perform a 90 minutes Bamboo Bali Massage session, fully integrating this holistic technique and achieving a relaxing effect on body, mind and spirit.

This course is aimed at all health and manual techniques professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge and incorporate new techniques into their practices, and at anyone who, without previous experience, wishes to be initiated into the wonderful world of the Art of Massage and discover its multiple benefits, both for those who receive it and for those who give it.

Illustrated handbook
Complete set of bamboo canes
Bamboo oil and floral oils
Diploma of accreditation

12 hours


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