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Luna Lanna Massage

Learn a beautifully balanced technique of Thai, Hawaiian and Swedish movements to relax, decontract and energise the whole body by working on muscles and energy lines, performed on a futon and combined with the benefits of Aromatherapy.

Luna Lanna Madrid
masaje luna lanna
Curso Masaje Luna Lanna

The Luna Lanna Massage is a unique and exclusive technique developed in Thailand. An authentic dance ritual that combines strength, fluidity, humility and respect, where body and mind are intimately connected.

Based on a careful and balanced combination of techniques in the purest Oriental style, it fuses the essence of the authentic Traditional Thai Massage, performing a meticulous approach through the energetic pathways of the Sen lines by means of intense pressure, thus stimulating the correct flow of vital energy.

The deep palm frictions and kneading of the Swedish Massage relax and decontract the muscles, together with a fluid sequence of exotic Hawaiian Massage movements, long, slow and harmonious movements carried out with elbows and forearms that open and stretch the muscles, achieving a balanced and stimulating massage.

Three wonderful techniques fused with essential oils make this massage a deep and delicate treatment ideal for reducing stress and anxiety, harmonising body, mind and energies.

Course syllabus

· Traditional Thai massage techniques: pressure and stretching.
· Hawaiian massage techniques: use of elbows and forearms in massage.
· Swedish massage techniques: friction and kneading.
· Benefits, precautions and contraindications.
· Warm oils.
· Basic concepts on the use of essential oils.
· Therapeutic points and energy lines (Sen Pratan Sib).
· Professional Luna Lanna Massage sequence: prone position.
· Professional Luna Lanna Massage sequence: supine position.
· Complete sequence of foot massage and reflex point stimulation.

The Luna Lanna Massage Course goes beyond teaching massage techniques, it will change the way we look at our own body and bring an unexpected benefit to our life through an exchange of energies. This course is just a first step that will allow you to open the doors to a generous and incredibly human world.

Wellness environment
Study of the use of the senses, details and materials necessary to enhance the patient experience.

Body Mechanics of the Masseur
You will learn how to use our body weight to relax, feel and enjoy the massage.

Mindful Touch
To understand massage not only as a technique but also as a conscious, respectful and loving contact.

At the end of the course you will be able to perform a 90 minutes Luna Lanna Massage session, as well as a complete 60 minutes foot massage sequence, fully understanding this holistic and therapeutic technique.

Course aimed at all those people and health professionals who wish to broaden their knowledge, professionals of manual techniques interested in incorporating new techniques in futon and anyone who, without previous experience or knowledge, wishes to discover its multiple benefits and learn the art of giving a massage based on a millenary tradition of Southeast Asia.

Illustrated handbook
Oils and essential oils
Diploma of accreditation

12 hours


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