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Thai Foot Massage

Learn one of the most valued ancestral techniques present in everyday life in Southeast Asia.

Curso masaje podal Madrid
masaje tailandés de pies
Masaje Podal Tailandés

A healing and preventive art of massage, which balances the body's functions through the stimulation of the energy channels of the feet and legs (Sen Sib lines) by gentle and light friction, applied with oils, creams and herbal balms, combined with pressure applied with a small wooden stick on specific points of the feet, where reflex points connect with the organs of the whole body. A highly relaxing and therapeutic massage, used for thousands of years in most of the traditional medicines around the world. It balances vital energy, strengthens the immune system, and improves mental health and serenity.

Course syllabus

· Origin and influences of Thai Massage
· Thai Foot Massage Techniques and Principles
· Energy theory and lines Sen Pratan Sib
· Benefits, precautions and contraindications
· Protocol for a Thai Foot Massage session
· Application and preparation of handmade oils, creams and herbal balms
· Foot bath
· Reflex points according to Thai Foot Reflexology and use of the stick
· Massage sequence: feet, legs and stimulation of energy lines and reflex points
· Massage sequence: hands, arms, shoulders, head, face and stimulation of energy lines

Wellness environment
Study of the use of the senses, details and materials necessary to enhance the patient experience.

Body Mechanics of the Masseur
You will learn how to use our body weight to relax, feel and enjoy the massage.

Mindful Touch
To understand massage not only as a technique but also as a conscious, respectful and loving contact.

At the end of the course you will be able to perform a 90 minutes Thai Foot Massage session, fully integrating this holistic technique and achieving a relaxing effect on body, mind and spirit.

Course aimed at all health professionals and manual techniques who wish to broaden their knowledge and incorporate new techniques into their practices and at anyone who, without previous experience, wishes to be initiated into the wonderful world of the Art of Massage and discover its multiple benefits, both for those who receive it and for those who give it.

Illustrated handbook
Oils, creams and herbal balms
Thai stick
Diploma of accreditation

10 hours


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