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Thai Therapies & Oriental Massages

We help you to relax, balance and harmonise body and mind, through ancient traditional massage techniques.

thai massage


Traditional Thai Massage

An ancient massage technique based on a combination of pressures, mobilisations and stretches performed with hands, knees, elbows and feet. The pressures on therapeutic points and energy channels (Sen Sib) help to release tension and restore vital energy, the gentle mobilisations and passive stretches, very similar to yoga asanas, allow the elasticity and flexibility of muscles and joints to be restored.

Masaje Descontracturante


Decontracting Massage with Herbal Balms

A massage of deep movements and pressure combined with the stimulation of therapeutic points with Thai Acupressure, especially indicated for contractures, back problems, heavy legs or muscle tension caused by bad posture or overexertion. Applied with herbal oils and balms, it restores elasticity to the muscle and helps to reduce tension and pain in the affected area.

thai oil massage


Thai Massage with warm oils

A delicate fusion of Thai style massage that combines pressure and gentle stretching with Balinese inspired medium-high pressure techniques through intense friction on the body's energy channels. Its application with warm natural oils relieves muscular pain and helps to release tension, providing a pleasant sensation of energy and wellbeing.

Masaje de Pindas Herbales


Herbal ball and Digitopressure Massage

The application of medicinal herbs in combination with traditional massage is one of the main therapies used in Thailand for centuries to treat numerous ailments and imbalances of the body. The therapeutic benefits of the steam-impregnated plants are absorbed through all the pores of the skin, bringing a feeling of deep rest and tranquillity. It helps to eliminate toxins and facilitates physical and mental relaxation.

Masaje Podal Tailandés


Thai Foot Massage

A highly relaxing massage in which all organs and functions of the body are stimulated through the reflex points of the feet, the therapeutic pressures with a small wooden stick are effectively combined with a pleasant massage with Thai herbal balm and essential oils. It helps to improve blood circulation, balances vital energy and strengthens the immune system.

masaje luna lanna


Luna Lanna Massage with Aromatherapy

A unique and exclusive technique developed in Thailand by The Lanna Massage. A carefully balanced combination of techniques: the strength of Thai Massage, the fluidity of Hawaiian Massage and the touch of Swedish Massage. Three wonderful techniques fused and applied with Aromatic Oils and performed on tatami mats. A deep and delicate treatment that makes this massage a unique experience.

masaje balinés


Balinese Massage with Floral Oils

A vigorous and ancient medium-high pressure massage that combines pressure, friction and rolling strokes with the application of aromatic oils. The softness and precision of the Balinese massage combined with the stimulating effect of the floral aromas provide a unique sensory experience. It deeply relaxes the muscle tissue, reduces stress and brings calm and peace to the mind.

Masaje Hawaiano Lomi Lomi


Hawaiian Massage with Coconut Oils

An exotic massage of Hawaiian origin, deep and fluid to reconnect with your natural essence. An aromatic massage with long and slow movements that resemble the gentle swaying of ocean waves, performed with hands, elbows and forearms, acting at the same time on various areas of the body. It dissolves deep tissue tension and promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, while calming stress and promoting harmony.

masaje cañas bambú


Balinese massage with Bamboo Canes

A fusion massage that combines Balinese massage with the elasticity and robustness of bamboo canes, making them slide gently over the body to promote fluid drainage and tissue regeneration. Effective in sports, therapeutic and aesthetic treatments, it combats localised fat and reshapes the silhouette. A spectacular massage that reduces tension and improves skin elasticity, providing tone, freshness and vitality.

Kobido Masaje Japonés


Oriental Facial Massage

An authentic beauty ritual due to its brightening and lifting effects. A combination of drainage techniques and gentle strokes that stimulate the nerve endings of the face, neck and upper chest, improving cell oxygenation and eliminating toxins and impurities. It tones the muscles and prevents flaccidity and signs of ageing, providing a more elastic, smooth and radiant skin.

masaje premamá


Pregnancy massage

A subtle massage, delicate and full of love, specifically designed to alleviate the physical discomfort that occurs during pregnancy. A fascinating experience for pregnant women, a sea of sensations that helps to promote harmonisation and energy stimulation of the mother-to-be with her baby.

Masaje Lanna Tok Sen


Traditional Thai Massage with Tok Sen & Thai Head and Foot Massage

A two hours massage experience in the purest Thai style. A deep treatment that combines the pressure and stretching of traditional Thai massage with Tok Sen, a small wooden mallet to stimulate and unblock the energy channels. It helps to loosen and relax the muscles of the whole body and harmonise body, mind and energy.

Masaje Luna Lanna Masajes Orientales Madrid


Luna Lanna Massage with Herbal Ball & Oriental Head and Foot Massage

Our most exclusive treatment. An authentic ritual of aromas and sensations that will immerse you in a deep state of calm and disconnection. A complete and delicate two hours massage that combines different techniques to work on the whole body, from head to toe. A unique and different experience.

All massages and treatments are performed exclusively with 100% organic natural oils, balms and herbs used in Asia since ancient times

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