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The Lanna Massage


A project born from the hands and heart, which aims to share, support and help through our Therapies, Courses and Workshops to anyone who wants to add a touch of wellbeing and harmony to their lives.

At The Lanna Massage we have studied in recognised schools in the north of Thailand by the Thai Healing Alliance International, with specialised training in Thai Massage techniques and therapies, certified by the Shivagakomarapaj school (Old Medicine Hospital), as well as courses and private classes with masters such as Jack Chaiya, Sinchai Sukprasert, Bob Haddad, Noam Tyroler and Itzhak Helman.

Our passion for this authentic art of healing leads us to travel frequently to Southeast Asia, especially to Chiang Mai, northern Thailand and cradle of Thai massage, where we can nourish ourselves with this exciting culture, feel its very essence and keep ourselves in continuous training, which allows us to ensure quality, professionalism and strive for excellence in service.


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